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KAIST welcomes your application to our graduate program. Before applying, please read the following guide to understand the eligibility, timeline, requirements, and other information about the application and best present yourself to our student selection committee.

  >> Official Application Guide for the 2024 Fall International Graduate Admission (Early Track)

         - Any applications that don't meet our requirements and deadline will not be regarded for admission. 

         - After completing the application, please monitor the document submission status through our system at regular intervals. 


The following information is the essential timelines and conditions of your application to our graduate program. 


I. Admission Timeline



Online Application      

December 1st, (Fri.), 2023, 10 A.M. 

   ~ December 21st, (Thur.), 2023, 5 P.M. 

Document Submission 
 - A copy of the online application printout and other
   supporting materials by post to KAIST

   * Referees must upload recommendation letters on our 
       system by the same due date

By January 3rd, (Wed.), 2024, 6 P.M.

Check Your Application Status 

 - Monitor your application review at [Doc.Submission]

December 8th, (Fri.), 2023 

   ~ January 12th, (Fri.), 2024

Application Review  

- IF NECESSARY, the student selection committee will
  reach you out for an interview or further materials. 

  Please check your email at regular intervals. 

January 15th, (Mon.)

   ~ February 5th, (Mon.), 2024

Final Decisions Announcement

March 8th, (Fri.), 2024, 5 P.M.

Beginning of the Fall Semester

September 2, 2024

The timeline in this table is based on the local time of South Korea (KST) and is subject to change without prior notice. 

All the supporting materials, along with a hard copy of the online application printout, must arrive at KAIST admissions office by the due date [January 3rd, (Wed.), 2024]. Late arrivals will not be accepted.



II. Important Notice

A. KAIST receives recommendation letters electronically. Once you complete the application by paying the application 

   fee, each referee will receive an automated email instructing how to proceed with their recommendation online. 

   Our system will receive your references by January 3rd, (Wed.) at 6 P.M. (KST). So, please complete your application as early 

   as possible so that your referees can have sufficient time to complete letters for you. 


B. The letters of recommendation must remain strictly UNDISCLOSED to applicants and must not be requested for any reading 

   or disclosure of information given in the letters. 

C. The application fee is USD 80 or KRW 80,000. Payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer at the final stage of the 

   online application. Additional charge(s) (i.e., bank charge) must be covered by the applicant. Please note that the application 

   fee is non-refundable, and you cannot modify the application once you pay the application fee.

D. All documents KAIST receives become our property and will not be returned to the applicants. For any documents that you 

   cannot claim more than once, send us photocopies of the original documents verified as true copies of the original by the 

   responsible officer of the institution - they must bear the original and official signature and stamp of the responsible




   ※ An offer of admission or the degree to be earned after admission may be revoked if the applicant is 

      found to have made misleading, incomplete, or inaccurate statements or submitted false material in 

      connection with the application.